Smart Monetization

Integrate and see the results in minutes. Get the revenues you deserve for your audience so you can focus on what you do best.

Effective Marketing

Let Appnett technology be your secret weapon.

Many developers of apps and websites need quality guidance to facilitate the growth and success of new and established apps. We strike an important and unique balance between advertisers and publishers with a tailored approach and strategy to websites and apps marketing with Appnett.

Gain huge exposure and efficiently implement/manage campaigns that deliver sustainable, lucrative returns.

Why work with us?

Full Control

Get by the minute stats about impressions, clicks, estimated revenue through our live analytics dashboard.

Improved CTR

Overcome banner blindness by offering highly-optimized ad units which guarantees higher CTR.

Reliable payments

Don’t worry about the money. We pay our publishers weekly for the revenues generated the week before.

24/7 Premium Support

Benefit from technical support dedicated account managers committed to help you drive better results.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Enjoy a variety of classic and rewarded ad-formats

Rewarded Ad-Formats

Users unlock premium content, enabling you to discover a strong revenue stream. It’s a class win-win for you and your users.

Classic Ad-Formats

Maximize your app revenue with premium monetization solutions. Choose your own placements and select from multiple outstanding ad-formats.


We make it possible

Customizable widgets

blabla’s interface is adjustable to
suit any app or website.

In-house fraud protection

Advanced risk filters prevent
fraud from happening.


Access Appnett from any device at
home, at work or during a lunch break.

Have users decide

Users can choose from unlimited offers
presented neatly all in one place.

In-depth reports

Track performance with blabla’s
advanced reports & analytics.

24/7 live support

Round-the-clock support,
wherever you are.

About Us

We know that most developers aren't generating enough revenue from their apps and websites. We partner with app developers, offering them creative and sophisticated ad formats targeted to maximize revenues out of traditional in-app ads while enhancing the user’s experience, alongside more revolutionary Ad-Formats that enables the creation of revenue simply due to the download of their app, with no dependence upon the user's interaction with it.

The Appnett Team combines years of marketing experience with technological mobile-development expertise, focused on enabling mobile developers an easy, clear, and accessible platform to make money from the applications and services they develop, by offering a wide variety of creative, high performance advertising and monetization solutions.

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